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Turkmenistan Relations

Canada’s Embassy in Ankara, Turkey, is accredited to Turkmenistan, while the Turkmenistan  Embassy in Washington, D.C. is accredited to Canada.

Parliamentary Secretary Obhrai visited Ashgabat in January 2010, meeting with Foreign Minister Rashid Meredov and other senior officials.

Canada and Turkmenistan cooperate on issues of mutual concern. Turkmenistan is the only country in Central Asia that signed the Ottawa Convention on anti-personnel mines although Tajikistan subsequently acceded to the treaty after it came into force. In 2008, Canada supported Turkmenistan’s resolution on “Reliable and stable transit of energy and its role in ensuring sustainable development and international cooperation” at the United Nations General Assembly. Canada and Turkmenistan are also both members of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), which is active in the region.

Canada's commercial interests in Turkmenistan are very limited. Canadian merchandise exports in 2010 were $9.0 million, mostly in machinery, representing an increase of 16% from 2009. Imports from Turkmenistan came to less than $1 million, primarily in miscellaneous textile articles. However, a number of Canadian oil & gas companies have businesses in or with Turkmenistan. In June 2010, DFAIT, in collaboration with the private sector, organised a visit by a Turkmenistani delegation of senior government officials to the Calgary Global Petroleum Show.

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