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CFLI Projects in 2013-14

The Embassy of Canada in Ankara is proud to announce its support of the following organizations in 2013-14 through the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI). Please contact to receive information about the Fund.


1) Kaos Gay and Lesbian Cultural Research and Solidarity Association (Kaos GL)

Kaos GL is organizing the “9th International Meeting Against Homophobia”, a series of events held across Turkey in order to combat homophobia and transphobia. For more information, please visit and

2) Association for Solidarity with the Freedom Deprived Juvenile (Öz-Ge Der)

Öz-Ge Der is providing gender equality training for children through their project entitled “Promote Gender Equality Amongst Children”. They hope to increase awareness and influence behaviour in the area of gender equality and rights. For more information, please visit

The opening ceremony of a Flying Broom Exhibition in Kırşehir with the participation of the Özkan Demirel, Deputy Governor of Kırşehir and the Embassy’s CFLI coordinator in December 2013.

3) Flying Broom Women’s Communication and Research Association

Flying Broom is organizing a series of exhibitions in six different cities across Turkey aiming to raise awareness amongst girls aged between 14-18, their families, leaders, and the general public on the reality of forced and child marriages. For more information on their project “Stop Child Marriage Now”, please visit

4) Foundation KAMER - Hakkari

Kamer Vakfı is raising awareness of sexual violence and child marriage through neighbourhood meetings and vocational training for women. They expect to reach over 500 women through their project entitled “Let’s get together to discuss sexual violence and child marriage”.


5) Institute for Reporters’ Freedom and Safety (IRFS)

IRFS seeks to introduce new ways of informing citizens and involving them in government decision making through the development of e-society. Their project “Promoting e-participation and Internet freedom in Azerbaijan” includes training sessions and workshops with civil society representatives. For more information, please visit

6) Association for the Protection of Women’s Rights after D. Aliyeva

The Association for the Protection of Women’s Rights after D. Aliyeva is working to inform local communities in Southern Azerbaijan about the problem of the early marriages through round table discussions. Their project “Raising Awareness of Early Marriage through Civil, Societal, and Media Engagement” will culminate with a conference in Baku on the subject.


A focus group meeting held in January 2014.

7) Public Movement “Multinational Georgia” (PMMG)

PMMG works to develop policy on the integration of ethnic and religious minorities to be presented to the Government of Georgia. Research is being conducted through focus group meetings with the participation of various minority representatives. Results will be shared through three reports, three action plans, and an advocacy event. For more information, please visit

8) Identoba

Kick-off event in Identoba’s office with the participation of Canadian Ambassador John T. Holmes in December 2013

Identoba is increasing LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans) inclusion in society through policy work and community empowerment action. Throughout its project, “4 Steps Towards LGBTQ Inclusion”, Identoba is organizing a series of round-table discussion and movie screenings, producing short advocacy videos, as well as publishing web articles. For more information, please visit

9) Mountain Region Development Center

Through its project, “Meet Remote Communities to Prevent Sexual Violence”, the Mountain Region Development center is: increasing awareness on the topic of sexual violence and early marriage as well as providing medical and psychological support to victims. For more information, please visit


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