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Canada-United Arab Emirates Relations

In the United Arab Emirates, Canada is represented by the Embassy of Canada in Abu Dhabi. Canada also has a consulate general in Dubai.

The United Arab Emirates is represented in Canada by an Embassy in Ottawa.

Canada enjoys bilateral relations with the United Arab Emirates (UAE), founded upon substantial commercial ties and mutual goals of peace and prosperity. Canada and the UAE share common interests in international peace and security, energy security, and humanitarian affairs (including refugees). The UAE is also an important partner in the international campaign against terrorism.

Trade and investment activities are predominant in Canada’s relations with the UAE. The remarkable economic and social development of the United Arab Emirates in the three and a half decades since the country’s formation involved contributions from many Canadians, including developments in the country’s educational system and the design and construction of landmarks. It is estimated that approximately 40, 000 Canadians reside and work in the UAE. The United Arab Emirates airlines Etihad and Emirates offer direct flights between Canada and the UAE.

A leading member of the Gulf Cooperation Council, the UAE is experiencing dramatic economic growth and is a significant export market for Canada in the region. More than 40% of goods exported to the UAE are re-exported as the country is a major regional distribution centre.

April 2014

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