Lost/Stolen/Damaged Passports

If your passport has been lost or stolen in the UAE, please call the embassy or our toll-free number 800-014-0145 or email sos@international.gc.ca.

The Embassy might or might not be able to issue you a temporary passport for urgent travel, while waiting for your regular passport. This will depend on your status in the country. Please note that the use and acceptance of temporary passports is very limited in the UAE.

Application Requirements

If your passport is lost/stolen/damaged, you are not eligible to apply with the simplified renewal.

Each passport application replacing a lost or stolen passport must include a police report.

  1. Complete application form PPTC 040 (adult) or form PPTC 042 (child)
  2. Follow instructions on the form for required documents.
  3. Fill out the form "Declaration concerning a lost, stolen, inaccessible, damaged or found Canadian travel document PPTC203".
  4. For all children applications: Submit proof of parentage (i.e. birth certificate with parents’ names).

Note: the child’s presence is mandatory.

Report the loss/theft to the UAE authorities:

  • Go to the nearest police station to report the loss/theft of your passport.  
  • Report the loss to the Investigation Section (on the 1st floor) of the Abu Dhabi Immigration Department on AI Saada Street. If you are visiting Abu Dhabi, you should take with you a copy of your passport (if you do not have a copy, the Embassy may be able to assist you). If you are resident in Abu Dhabi, in addition to the passport copy, you should take with you a letter from your sponsor stating that he is not holding your passport (specimen available in immigration department), a copy of your company's establishment card and their trade license.
  • The Immigration Department will provide you with a preliminary loss report and instructions to advertise the loss in a local newspaper. This report needs to be stamped by the Civil Court, the Public Prosecutor's Office, the Sharia Court (all located in Sharia Court Complex, behind Carrefour in the old Airport road 'Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum Street' N02) and the Co-ordination Section of the Security Affairs Administration, located in Madinat Khalifa Police Station. This procedure may take some time but is compulsory under UAE regulations.
  • After receiving all of the stamps and advertising the loss in a local newspaper, you should return to the Immigration Department along with a copy of the newspaper article. You will then receive two certificates addressed "To Whom It May Concern Passport Loss Certificate". One certificate needs to be included with your passport application form. The second will need to be submitted to Immigration once you have received your new passport.

After receiving your new passport:

Lost/Stolen passport:

  • Take your new passport and a facilitation letter from the Embassy.
  • Return to the Immigration Department with the new passport and the second "To Whom It May Concern Passport Loss Certificate". The Immigration Department will then issue you with an out pass, if you are in Abu Dhabi on a visit visa, or re- issue your residence permit if you are a resident in Abu Dhabi.
  • Please note that Abu Dhabi Immigration will only issue an out pass if you entered the UAE in the Emirate of ABU Dhabi. Similarly, residents will need to go to the Emirate in which their original residence permit was issued.

Damaged passports

  • Take your new passport and a facilitation letter from the Embassy.
  • Translate the letter and have it attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
  • Then take it to the Immigration Department to issue a new residency on the new passport.

Abu Dhabi Emirate Police Stations

Abu Dhabi:
General Police HQ02 446 1461
Al Madina Police Station02 698 5555
Shabia Police Station02 696 6666
Capital Police Department02 699 9999
Al Manaseer Police Station02 665 6954
Community Police02 556 1000
Abu Dhabi International Airport02 505 2771
Al Ain:
Al Ain Police HQ03 763 8888
Al Jahili Police Station03 754 1124
Al Jimi Police Station03 762 5533
Al Madeena Police Station03 766 3443
Al Maqam Police Station03 763 1999
Al Oha Police Station03 708 7777
Qattara Police Station03 763 8700
Sanaiya Police Station03 721 0444
Zakher Police Station03 782 8005
Al Ain International Airport03 785 5555
Western Region:
Tariff Police Department02 895 5111
Sila Police Station02 808 2800
Madinat Zayed Police Station02 808 1000
Al Ruwais Police Station02 809 4444