Passport Applications

General Information

Canadian passport services are available from:

  • the Embassy of Canada in Abu Dhabi for residents of the emirate of Abu Dhabi
  • the Consulate General of Canada in Dubai for residents of Dubai and the Northern Emirates

Passport applications may be submitted in person to the Consular Section in Abu Dhabi from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm, and in Dubai from 8:00 am to 11:00 am

The applicant has to submit his/her application in person or through a family member provided that the applicant picks up his/her passport in person.

Processing time

It takes 20 working days to process a passport application once the necessary forms, supporting documents and fees are received. You should plan accordingly to avoid disappointment.


  • Canadian passports issued to adults are valid for 5 years or 10 years (optional).
  • Canadian passports issued to children who have a proof of citizenship (0 to15 years of age) are valid for 5 years.
  • Canadian passports issued to children/adults without proof of citizenship are valid for 2 years (Limited validity passport).

Applications to renew are usually accepted anytime within 12 months of the expiry date or if all visa pages are full.

Note: Many countries require a passport to be valid for at least 6 months following entry to that country or following anticipated departure from that country. If you are planning to travel during the last six to eight months of your passport's period of validity you should ensure the period of validity is sufficient to permit you entry to the country of destination.

Application Requirements

Downloadable passport forms are available on the Government of Canada’s website.

A.  Application for Simplified Adult Passport Renewal

To be eligible, you must meet ALL OF the following criteria:

  • you were at least 16 years of age at the time of your previous passport application;
  • the name on the renewal application is exactly as it appears on page 2 of the submitted passport; and
  • your most recent passport
    • was issued to you in Canada OR was issued to you outside of Canada after April 30, 2006;
    • is still valid or expired for no more than one (1) year;
    • Has full validity (five years);
    • is not damaged; and
    • was never reported lost or stolen

If eligible,

  1. Complete application form PPTC 482 (adult simplified renewal abroad passport application).
  2. Follow the instructions on the form.

B. Application for Regular Adult Passport

A person 16 years of age or older who is applying for a Canadian passport but not eligible for Simplified Renewal:

  1. Complete application form PPTC 040 (Canadian living abroad).
  2. Follow the instructions on the form.

Application for Child's Passport

If an application is being made for a Canadian passport for a child under the age of 16, you must:

  1. Complete application form PPTC 042; The form is to bear the signatures of both parents in section 2 on the front page, as well as one by the applying parent on reverse
  2. Follow the instructions on the form.
  3. Submit proof of parentage for all children’s application. Acceptable proof of parentage is defined as: a detailed birth certificate, indicating the names of the parents; or an order of adoption indicating the names of the adoptive parents.

Important notes:

  • The child’s presence is mandatory.
  • Proof of Canadian citizenship is required to support each child passport application. If your child still doesn’t have a citizenship certificate, you have to submit the citizenship application along with the passport application, and the child would be eligible for a Limited Validity Passport of two years, in order to meet residency or travel requirements.
  • Please also note that if child is over the age of two and still does not possess proof of Canadian citizenship, issuance of a Limited Validity Passport (LVP) is not to be considered at this time.
  • If applicable, sign and date a photocopy of your supplementary documentation to support your identity.
  • Your guarantor must also:
  • Have known you personally for at least two (2) years and be residing and practicing their profession in the UAE (their nationality does not matter);
  • In the case of a child, the guarantor must have known the applicant (parent or legal guardian) personally for at least two (2) years and have knowledge of the child;
  • Be accessible for verification;
  • Be one of the following: Dentist, medical doctor
    • Practicing lawyer
    • Notary public
    • Signing officer of a bank
    • Judge, magistrate, police officer, mayo

 A relative may act as a guarantor for passport purposes provided he/she meets the specified requirements.

Statutory Declaration in Lieu of Guarantor Requirements

If you are not eligible for simplified renewal and do not have a guarantor, you can complete a "Statutory Declaration in Lieu of Guarantor" (form PPTC 132), which can be obtained by request from the Embassy.

Please note that references on this declaration form must be different from the ones on the passport application form. This form must be signed by you in front of an officer at the Canadian Embassy or Consulate. At the time of signing you must present two other pieces of personal identification, of which at least one must bear your photo and one must bear your signature.

Canadians Born in Quebec

Since November 2001, only birth certificates issued on or after 1 January 1994 by Quebec's Le Directeur de état civil are accepted. If you need to apply for a new birth certificate, please do so via the Directeur de l'état civil website.


Please contact the UAE Immigration Authorities for information on any necessary procedures after receiving your new passport.