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How to make an enquiry

Before making an enquiry

Before you send us an enquiry, please ensure that you have explored all the available information. 

Please note that if the information requested is available on our website or on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website (CIC), we will not provide a response to your message.

Please include all of your questions in a single message. In order to serve all clients better, we will not respond to repeat messages from the same client.

Useful Links

Making enquiries about…

…sponsoring your family: Family members in Canada sponsoring overseas applicants may phone the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) Call Centre from within Canada. The Call Centre can make address changes for your address in Canada. You can use the automated telephone service or to speak with a Call Centre agent.

…confirming receipt of documents and bank drafts/transfers: In order to best use our resources, we will not confirm whether we have received or not your documents. If you would like confirmation of delivery, you should send your documents by registered mail or courier. If you would like confirmation that we have processed your bank draft or transfer, you should contact the bank that issued the draft or made the transfer.

…an application in process: If you already have an application at our office, we will answer your question only if our average processing time has been exceeded or if there is a problem. Otherwise, you should assume that your file is proceeding normally. Processing time starts when your complete application has been received in our office and ends on the day the final decision (i.e. approval/refusal) leaves our office.

CIC provides an on-line service to check your application status, e-CAS, for certain categories of immigration applications.

Instructions for making a case specific enquiry…

  • Choose ONE method of communication: e-mail or mail. Please do not send repeat enquiries and do not send the same enquiry by different means.  This creates confusion and can delay our reply.
  • We will only respond to enquiries sent in one of Canada’s official languages – English or French.
  • Please include all of the following information with your enquiry:
    • file number, if available
    • full name, as it appears on your passport
    • date of birth
    • mailing address
    • e-mail address
    • telephone  
    • nationality

In order to best use our resources, we do not accept enquiries either by phone or in person.  If your enquiry is urgent due to factors outside of your control, send an e-mail clearly indicating “URGENT:” followed by the reason for the urgency.

…by e-mail

Use this webform to send an e-mail to the visa office in Kyiv for both general and case specific enquiries.

After you have sent your e-mail, you will receive an automatic message acknowledging that we have received your enquiry.  This message will be sent to the e-mail address that you entered on the webform. If you do not receive this message within 24 hours, then it may be in your junk mail box or you may have entered your e-mail address incorrectly.

*By supplying your e-mail address (in your enquiry or previously in your application), you have initiated an e-mail communication with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). By this action, you have authorized CIC to use the e-mail address provided by you for communication with you including the transmission of personal information on your file/case. When you supply your e-mail address to CIC, it is also understood that you are aware that this channel may not be a secure channel. CIC is not liable for the electronic disclosure of personal information to a third party where CIC has taken reasonable means to ensure the identity of the party. CIC is also not liable for the misuse of this information by a third party.

You can also send general enquiries to

…by mail

Embassy of Canada in Ukraine
Immigration Section
13A Kostelna Street
Kyiv 01901

Enquiries by friends, relatives or representatives

You do not need to use an immigration representative. It is up to you. The Government of Canada treats everyone equally, whether or not they use the services of a representative.

If you choose to use a representative, your application will not be given special attention by the immigration officer. Your representative also cannot guarantee that your application will be approved.

All the forms and information that you need to apply for a visa are available for free on this website. If you follow the instructions in the application guide, you can complete the application forms and submit them on your own.

However, if you wish to appoint a representative (an immigration consultant, lawyer, friend, family member, etc.), who will conduct business with us on your behalf, please see information on Use of a representative.

If you just wish to designate someone to obtain information about your case (e.g. the status of your application) or to notify our office of a change in address if you move, then please read about the Release of information to an individual . The individual you designate will not be a representative who can conduct business with us on your behalf.


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