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Marriage in Canada

Marriage in Canada falls under provincial and territorial jurisdiction. For more details on the requirements for marriage within Canada, please consult the page about Family Law.

Marriage in the United Kingdom

Please consult GOV.UK for information about marriages and civil partnerships in the UK.

Marriage outside Canada or the UK

For information on regulations and required documentation for a marriage in countries outside the UK and Canada, please contact the Canadian embassy or high commission of the country in which you plan to marry.

Passport in married name

To obtain a new passport in your married name, a new application must be submitted, along with:

  • your marriage certificate (original or certified copy only)
  • identification that supports your married name and signature
  • the year of your marriage and the surname of your spouse included on the application form in the Personal Information section

If your current or expired passport already displays your married name, you need not send your marriage certificate. However, it is necessary to:

  • fill in the year of marriage and the surname of your spouse on the application form in the Personal Information section.

Validity of a foreign marriage

You need not register your marriage with the Canadian authorities. Be advised however, that in Canada, only a court can pronounce on the validity of a foreign marriage. In general terms, a marriage performed abroad will be recognised in Canada providing the following conditions are met:

  • The marriage meets the requirements of the law in the place where it is performed
  • The parties are not within the bounds prohibited by consanguinity and affinity
  • The parties are mentally competent
  • The parties are free to marry, that is, there is no subsisting previous marriage


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