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Passport in married name

Passport Canada no longer adds a married name to a valid passport.

To obtain a passport in your newly married name, a new application must be submitted, along with:

  • your marriage certificate (original or certified copy only)
  • identification that supports your married name and signature
  • the year of your marriage and the surname of your spouse included on the application form in the Personal Information section

If your current or expired passport already displays your married name, you need not send your marriage certificate. However the following requirements must still be met to complete the application process:

  • complete the year of marriage and the surname of your spouse on the application form in the Personal Information section
  • include identification that supports your married name and signature

Marriage in Canada

Marriage in Canada falls under provincial and territorial jurisdiction.

For full details on the requirements for marriage within Canada, please contact the Vital Statistics Office of the province or territory in which you wish to marry.

Marriage in the United Kingdom

Canadian citizens planning to travel to theUKto marry:

  • Obtain entry clearance granted expressly for the purpose of marriage within theUK
  • Clearance must be obtained prior to travel to theUKfrom your nearest British high commission or embassy in Canada
  • Detailed information can be viewed at UK Visas

Canadians citizens having been granted leave to enter or remain in theUKfor over six months:

  • Obtain certificate of approval from the Immigration and Nationality Directorate (IND) on 0870 241 0645
  • The ‘certificate of approval’ scheme was abolished in May 2011. You do not need a certificate of approval in order to get married or register a civil partnership in theUK.
  • To find out what you need to do if you want to get married or register a civil partnership, see the Marriage and civil partnership section of the website.

Canadian citizens having an Indefinite Leave to Remain or Right of Abode stamp:

  • You and your fiancé must both have had seven days residence in a registration district
  • Give notice to marry at a designated Register Office
  • After giving notice, a waiting period of 15 full days is required before the wedding can take place
  • For full details, review information on the General Register Office in your planned area of marriage, England and Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland

Certificate of no impediment to marriage

Canadian citizens are occasionally asked to produce this certificate as proof that they are free to marry. Canadian law neither requires nor provides for the issuance of such certificates.

Although the High Commission is not in a position to issue one, the London Consular Office can provide a statement that satisfies theUK authorities.

Validity of a foreign marriage

You need not register your marriage with the Canadian authorities. Be advised however, that in Canada, only a court can pronounce on the validity of a foreign marriage. In general terms, a marriage performed abroad will be recognised in Canada providing the followi ng conditions are met:

  • The marriage meets the requirements of the law in the place where it is performed
  • The parties are not within the bounds prohibited by consanguinity and affinity
  • The parties are mentally competent
  • The parties are free to marry, that is, there is no subsisting previous marriage

Marriage outside Canada or theUK

For information on regulations and required documentation for a marriage in countries outside the UKand Canada, please contact the nearest embassy or high commission of the country in which you plan to marry.


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