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Authentication of Documents

Canada does not issue apostilles.

In order to authenticate a Canadian document for use abroad, the original document should be sent to Global Affairs Canada’s Authentication and Service of Documents Section. That office can authenticate the signature on certain documents and if necessary forward the document to the Ottawa-based embassy of the receiving country so that they can in turn authenticate the signature of Global Affairs Canada.  For further information please see the website of the Authentication and Service of Documents Section in Ottawa.

If you live abroad you can hire an authentication and legalization service or process server in the Ottawa-Gatineau area to take your documents to the office in person. These organisations can be found on the internet.
Foreign countries will sometimes accept a Canadian document which has been authenticated, not by the official route above, but by a Canadian High Commission or Embassy. You should check with the foreign authority to ask if this is acceptable.

We are able to authenticate signatures of officers of the Legalisation Office of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, but please note that the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office do not authenticate signatures of foreign embassy officials within the UK.

Please see the additional information provided under our Notarial services page.


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