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What is the average processing time for an International Experience Canada (IEC) application?

The average processing time is eight (8) weeks (calendar days). This includes:

  • Two (2) weeks from the time you submit your application through the IEC Kompass account until you receive your Conditional Acceptance Letter, and;
  • Six (6) weeks from the time you submit your work permit application through your MyCIC account until you receive your POE Introduction Letter.

Please note that the 8 week processing time DOES NOT include the time during which:

  • We are waiting, at any point during the process, for you to submit a complete application with all the information requested;
  • We are awaiting your participation fee payment;
  • You hold an IEC Conditional Acceptance Letter and do not submit an application for Stage 2 (via MyCIC) of the application process;
  • You undergo a medical examination following a request from the visa office;
  • You provide any additional documentation as requested by the visa office (e.g. a police certificate from another country);
  • During winter holidays (Dec 23 until January 3).

The IEC applies the principle of "first come, first served" for both assigning places and processing applications in each stage. If you are taking more time than another applicant to pay your participation fees or to submit your application to Stage 2 (MyCIC), other applications may be processed before yours.


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