Enrique V. Iglesias Book Launch Explores Development in Latin America

A full auditorium listents to speeches from academics and members of the policy community.

Enrique V. Iglesias listens intently.

Books hot-off-the-press being handed out at the book launch.

The Central Bank of Uruguay recently hosted an event where conversation revolved around the legacy of Enrique V. Iglesias.

The Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors of the Inter-American Development Bank provided a great opportunity to honour the highly influential Latin American policy maker and academic with the launch of the book Enrique V. Iglesias: Intuition and Ethics in the Construction of the Future.

To support the advancement of economic education and development in the region, the Canadian Embassy in Uruguay and the International Development Research Centre contributed to the production of the book. The hope is that sharing the ideas of such an influential academic will contribute to better and more just economic growth in the region. This will have positive economic and social impacts for both Canada and the region as partnerships and cooperation increase.

Iglesias is known for once heading the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the premier lender to governments in the Americas for developmental purposes. He is very well regarded by the academic community across Latin America for his contributions to just and inclusive growth in the region. 

The book outlines Iglesias’ involvement in the major social and economic developments in Latin America during the second half of the twentieth century by showcasing the role he has played in advancing economic development, safeguarding democratic values and influencing key regional organizations such as the IDB and the Economic Commission for Latin America.

The book is written by scholars from Red Mercosur – Mercosur’s Economic Research Network of academics and policy makers.

Ambassador of Canada to Uruguay Francis Trudel and Minister of State of Foreign Affairs Diane Ablonczy joined Uruguayan Vice-President Danilo Astori and Minister of Economy and Finance Fernando Lorenzoto celebrate Iglesias’ legacy.