Centers of Canadian Studies in Uruguay

For those who wish to share common academic interests, and understand a Canadian and Uruguayan experience in a captivating exchange of knowledge, the Centers of Canadian Studies in Uruguay promotes Canadian Studies in Uruguayan academic spheres.

Uruguay has three Centers of Canadian Studies (CCS), of which two are directly linked to universities. Their objective is to promote Canadian Studies through a new program called "Understanding Canada".

Towards a better knowledge and comprehension of Canada

The objective of the program is to develop a greater knowledge and understanding of Canada, its values and its cultures among scholars and other influential groups abroad. The program is intended for Uruguayan academics who wish to study or conduct research on Canada. Several publications are available on various Canadian disciplines. Included in the program are also components that promote teaching skills.

The Centers of Canadian Studies work to share Canadian knowledge and experience in academic areas of Uruguay, integrating professional, cultural and commercial aspects.

By its multidisciplinary components, Canadian Studies in Uruguay profit with a prosperous dialogue and exchange of information, focusing on common values between Canada and Uruguay.

Want to know more about Canadian Studies program?

For more information on this program, we invite you to visit the website "Understanding Canada" at Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada.

Centers of Canadian Studies in Uruguay:

CCS-Universidad ORT
Lic. Héctor Laca - Coordinador
Bv. España 2633
11300 Montevideo

CCS-Universidad Católica
Lic. Bernarda Monestier - Coordinadora
Av. 8 de Octubre 2738
11600 Montevideo
598-2-487-2717 x 204


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