Canada - Venezuela Relations

Canada and Venezuela have shared unbroken diplomatic relations since February 1948, when the Canadian Consulate General in Caracas was opened. In January 1953 the Consulate General was elevated to embassy status, and since this time Canada has been represented by the Embassy of Canada in Venezuela. Venezuela is represented in Canada by the Embassy of Venezuela and maintains consulates in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

 Canada’s engagement with Venezuela is guided by Canada’s Strategy for the Americas which focuses on Prosperity, Security and Democracy.

 Venezuela is Canada's sixth largest export market in Latin America and the Caribbean (excluding Mexico). Total merchandise exports to Venezuela reached nearly C$ 681.5 million in 2014 and included: vegetable products; machinery and mechanical appliances; wood, paper and paperboard; and chemical products. Total merchandise imports from Venezuela reached C$ 35 million in 2014 and included: mineral products; base metals; and chemical products. Two Way Merchandise trade between Canada and Venezuela reached C$ 716.5.

 Canada also has a focus on strengthening civil society to ensure protection of human rights and ensuring democratic governance. In 2009, in conjunction with the Centre for Peace and Human Rights at the Universidad Central de Venezuela, the Embassy launched a Human Rights Award to recognize the important work of human rights defenders. This annual award is now considered to be among the top honours for those in the human rights community in Venezuela.

 Venezuela is not a recipient of official development assistance, but Canada continues to provide support through multilateral programs and through the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives, which is managed by the Embassy of Canada to Venezuela.

Since 7 August 2009, Canada has represented Israel’s diplomatic and consular interests in Venezuela. Canada also provides consular assistance to Australians in Venezuela.

April 2015

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