The Embassy of Canada in Venezuela Human Rights Award

In 2009, the Embassy of Canada in Venezuela joined with the UCV’s Padre Luis María Olaso Center for Peace and Human Rights to create an award to recognize the work of outstanding persons in the promotion, dissemination and/or defense of human rights in Venezuela.

Any person or organization can submit a nomination to the jury, and candidates for the award can be individuals, NGOs or private institutions in Venezuela. Specifically, we are looking for candidates who stand out for their continuous effort in promoting respect for human rights; disseminating human rights ideals; and/or defending those who are deprived of human rights.

The winner of the award receives a visit to a Canada to share their expertise and views with members of academia, civil society and government. Following the trip to Canada, the winner then visits a number of communities within Venezuela, meeting with various sectors of society to continue the dialogue on human rights and promote greater involvement in the promotion, dissemination and defense of human rights.

In addition to selecting a winner, the jury may also select a number of honourable mentions each year, to recognize exception achievement and contributions to human rights.

Information on how to nominate candidates and application deadlines for the next Human Rights Award can be found on the Spanish language version of this website.