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Call for Applications: Equitas International Human Rights Training Program 2016

Equitas’ International Human Rights Training Program (IHRTP) is an internationally recognized intensive three week training program - the only training in the world specifically dedicated to building the capacity and skills of human rights educators.

The program is a unique opportunity for human rights educators to acquire practical tools to improve the effectiveness and impact of their work while deepening their understanding of human rights. We are looking forward to another inspiring three-week program and the opportunity to meet around 90 participants from about 50 different countries.

We invite your organization to submit an application for this program and/or forward the information to your network of human rights activists. For program information, the Application Form and Memorandum of Agreement, please visit:

In identifying who should apply, please bear in mind that the IHRTP is intended for human rights workers and educators. The goal of the IHRTP is to strengthen the capacity of human rights organizations to undertake human rights education aimed at building a global culture of human rights. The curriculum is based on principles of adult experiential learning, in which participants and facilitators engage in a process of mutual teaching and learning. The Application form provides a detailed description of the Program.

We received more than 600 applications for the 2015 IHRTP and it is therefore likely that this year again, we will not have enough spaces for all of the qualified candidates. The selection process and participant profile we are looking for are described in the attached document. The Equitas Selection Committee gives priority to the organizations best able to demonstrate their commitment and effectiveness in relation to human rights promotion and education. Consideration is also given to overall gender balance, geographic representation and the availability of bursaries. 

Equitas is a non-profit, non-governmental organization established in 1967, as the Canadian Human Rights Foundation, and dedicated to the promotion of human rights through education in Canada and around the world. Equitas’ various programs help organizations build their capacity to engage in human rights education, promotion and democratic development. 

Please note that the deadline for receiving applications to participate in the IHRTP is November 23, 2015 and that only the 2016 Application Forms will be accepted. 

Should you have comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact the IHRTP team at .


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