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Canadian Francophonie Scholarship Program

Five scholarship recipients for 2015 who are currently studying in Canada

Doan Bach Khanh

Tran Kien

Huynh Thi Tram Sinh

Tung Tran Anh

Vu Chien

Study in Canada – 2016 Program
**New Application Process**

The Canadian Francophonie Scholarship Program (CFSP), funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (Government of Canada), was established for candidates in developing countries that are both members of La Francophonie and eligible for Official Development Assistance. These scholarships, which are valid only for francophone programs offered by Canadian post-secondary educational institutions, are offered to qualified candidates who are currently employed and who demonstrate the greatest potential to contribute to capacity-building in their workplace once they return to Vietnam.

Students must arrive in Canada around mid-August 2016 and start their studies in September 2016. Scholarship recipients must commit in writing that they will not request a change in status (permanent residence, civil status, etc.) during their studies in Canada and that they will return to Vietnam at the end of their studies.

Priorities of the CFSP:

The following programmes are eligible for scholarships for Vietnamese candidates:

  • Full-time, four-year PhD
  • Full-time, two-year Master’s
  • Post-doctoral studies: research development for candidates who have a PhD, for a period of less than 12 months.
  • Technical and vocational training in a college or university for a period of two years full-time.
  • Short-term internship or training for a  period of less than 12 months to build critical skills for key personnel in the workplace.

Priority Sectors:

Scholarships are available, and preference will be given, for studies related to the following needed sectors in Vietnam, and with a cross-cutting importance of the gender perspective:

  • Educational sector, in particular training for teachers/professors;
  • Sustainable economic growth sector, for example training in public administration or public financial management; and
  • Governance sector, in particular citizen engagement and media.

It should be noted, however, that pharmaceutical, medical and dental training are excluded with the exception of research-based program in these areas.

Eligible Candidates:

Employees in the public or private sector as well as those working for non-governmental organizations who have at least one year of professional experience when the application is submitted.

Selection Process:

Candidates will apply online by December 6 at 6 p.m. Through the on-line system, applications will be received and reviewed by the Local Selection Committee, which includes members of the Canadian Embassy and the Department of Development and International Education (VIED).

At the same time, the candidate’s employer must complete an online form to signal their commitment to the candidate and the development opportunity. This online form must be completed by December 13, 6 p.m.

**To note, any candidate or employer who requires assistance to complete the online forms, can contact the PSU listed below.**

  1. Candidates will be selected by the Local Selection Committee based on their academic record; knowledge of French; the presentation of their study proposal and professional development; as well as the prospect of institutional development (e.g. the alignment of the employing organization to the priority sectors, and the commitment of the employer to the candidate reinsertion after study termination).
  2. The Canadian partner organization (the Canadian Bureau for International Education) will review and approve the final list of candidates.
  3. Selected candidates will then be connected with the Canadian partner organization to assist them in applying to Canadian educational institutions, in order to obtain letter of acceptance from such an institution.

The final results should be communicated with candidates at the end of April or beginning of May 2016.

More Information:

All information is available online (the Guide is available in French, English and Vietnamese to facilitate the employer’s understanding of the program) at the VIED website.

For more information about the eligibility requirements, the application package, the steps to follow, or support in completing the online applications, candidates can contact the Vietnam – Canada Program Support Unit:

Vietnam – Canada Program Support Unit
3rd Floor, Unit C, La Thanh Hotel
218 Doi Can, Ba Dinh, Hanoi
Telephone: (84 4) 3 7628426 ext 17
Fax: (84 4) 3 7627271


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