Representative of Canada to the Palestinian Authority


Douglas Scott Proudfoot: (BA Hons [Philosophy], University of Toronto, 1981; MA [History], McGill University, 1996) joined the Department of External Affairs in 1987. Positions overseas included Nairobi (1988 to 1991), Delhi (1995 to 1998) and Vienna (2002 to 2006), where he was accredited to various UN organizations headquartered in that city. At Headquarters, Mr. Proudfoot was the director of the Afghanistan Task Force (2006 to 2007) and the Sudan Task Force (2007 to 2011). Mr. Proudfoot also served as minister-counsellor at the high commission in London, responsible for political and public affairs (2011 to 2016). He is married to the writer Debra Martens, and they have one daughter.

Representative Douglas Scott Proudfoot