Canada - Algeria Relations

Canada and Algeria enjoy excellent diplomatic relations, which go back to the initial years after Algeria’s independence. Algeria is an important trading partner for Canada in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region in terms of value of total merchandise, in addition to being a key partner for Canada in the global fight against terrorism.

Canada recognized Algeria upon independence in 1962, and diplomatic relations were established in 1964. In 2016, Algerian diaspora to Canada represented 67,000 people residing primarily in the Montreal area. Algeria is also the fourth largest source of immigrants to Quebec after Morocco. In 2016, close to 1,200 students from Algeria were studying in Canada.

Algeria is a major regional player in the global fight against terrorism. Recognizing Algeria’s unique role, Canada is committed to strengthening bilateral cooperation with Algeria in order to work towards the consolidation of peace and security in the region. Algeria and Canada participated in the launch of the Global Counterterrorism Forum (GCTF) in 2011, and since this time the two states have worked as co-chairs for the capacity-building working group in the Sahel, and now in the West Africa region. A total of five plenary meetings have taken place.

Algeria has supported various international initiatives spearheaded by Canada. Algeria signed and ratified the Ottawa Convention on Anti-Personnel Mines, and has completed all steps called for under the convention. Algeria was also active in promoting the New Economic Partnership for African Development (NEPAD), particularly within the African Peer Review Mechanism. Although not a member of La Francophonie, Algeria is the second largest French-speaking country in the world, and has participated in Francophonie summits, including the 2008 Quebec City Summit. Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika also participated in the 2010 G8 summit in Muskoka in the context of the G8 Africa Partnership, and his representatives have played an active role in the G8 Africa Personal Representative Process (APR).

Canada is represented in Algeria by the Embassy of Canada in Algiers, while Algeria is represented in Canada by an Embassy in Ottawa and a Consulate General in Montreal.

Commercial Relations

Canada and Algeria have a dynamic commercial relationship, with bilateral trade totalling more than $1.5 billion in 2017. Algeria was Canada’s largest bilateral trading partner in Africa in 2017 and its 42th largest bilateral trading partner overall. There are more than 60 Canadian companies doing business in Algeria, and their varied activities range from basic foodstuffs to training services and aeronautics.

Algeria has promising commercial opportunities for Canada in the infrastructure and consulting engineering services, education, aerospace, information and communication technology, and agriculture sectors. Canada and Algeria also have strong cultural and academic ties including several inter-university research and teaching agreements.  On July 1, 2017, Air Canada has launched a direct flight between Montreal and Alger, a service that previously was only offered by Air Algeria.

Travel Advisory

Global Affairs Canada recommends anyone considering travel to Algeria to check its travel advice and encourages travellers to register with its free Registration of Canadians Abroad service when outside of Canada.