Writing for rights: Empowering journalists in Algeria

Training session participants engage in discussion on reporting on human rights issues .
Journalists for Human Rights helps conduct the training session.
Proud participants learn about human rights reporting.

When media puts the spotlight on human rights, people start to talk about the issues” – Journalists for Human Rights

Reporting on human rights issues is critical for facilitating dialogue and initiating change. To amplify the voices of those reporting on human rights issues, the Embassy of Canada in Algeria held a training session that provided expertise and tools for reporting on human rights to a dozen young Algerian journalists.

The Embassy of Canada partnered with Algerian National Consultative Commission for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights (CNCPPDH) to organize a two-day training session, which was conducted by two trainers from Journalists for Human Rights (JHR), a Canadian non-governmental organization that helps empower journalists to cover human rights stories.

Towards ethical and effective reporting

Journalists in Algeria often do not have access to the professional training or expertise necessary for reporting on sensitive issues related to human rights. Misreporting can impede progress in the advancement of human rights.

To strengthen Algerian reporters’ capacity to inform audiences on these critical issues, the training session was an opportunity for journalists to learn analysis and data processing techniques tailored to human rights reporting.

The Ambassador of Canada to Algeria, Isabelle Roy, stressed the importance of human rights in her opening address to the training session, Human rights are a priority for the Canadian government for contributing to the advancement of democratic values. Respect for these rights goes hand in hand with freedom of expression.”

In addition to the training session held in Algeria, Canada has also worked with JHR to promote reporting on human rights in Kuwait, Egypt, and Ghana.

A thriving and independent media is capable of inspiring change of immeasurable value. Canada believes a diverse and independent media is key for a democratic society, as journalists continue to defend freedom of expression and human rights.