Lost / Stolen Passports

If your passport was lost or stolen, please contact the Embassy within office hours or the Operations Centre outside office hours (you may call the Embassy's general number to be transferred automatically to this office in Ottawa). Please advise where you are going next (back to Canada or to another country) and what is your expected travel date. 

Requirements to apply for a replacement passport (additional requirements may apply):

  1. Forms: you may download, print and complete the forms appearing on the checklist below.
  2. Photos (information in Spanish only): Obtain passport photos.  Instructions in English are attached to the application form.  It is your responsibility to check that the photos comply with the specifications
  3. Proof of citizenship: Ensure you have your original Canadian birth certificate or citizenship card. If you do not have your proof of citizenship with you in Argentina but somebody has access to it in Canada, you can request your family /friends to submit the original at a Passport Office in Canada. If no proof of citizenship is available, please note that the validity of your passport will be limited and that the passport will be non-extendable.  You will also have to submit form PPTC116 (which the Embassy can send you by email) and proof of immediate travel. 
  4. Valid identification issued by an official Government authority in Canada or abroad. If no valid identification is available, please note that the validity of your passport will be limited and that the passport will be non-extendable.
  5. References: In the application forms, you will need to provide the names of references (who are not relatives) in Argentina or Canada which the Embassy will have to contact. Please make sure you have their names, addresses and phone numbers handy. 
  6. Guarantor: If you do not have a guarantor in Argentina (eg. because you have been in Argentina for less than 2 years and are not travelling with any eligible Canadian passport holder), you will have to submit a Statutory Declaration in lieu of Guarantor/ PPT132. This form must be signed before a notary public or before a Consular Officer at the Embassy (appointment required, fee: CAD 50 or equivalent in pesos). Please note that the references on this form should be different from the ones indicated on the application form (4 references in total are required) 
  7. Travel itinerary: If you are travelling shortly, ensure you have a printout of your travel itinerary. 
  8. Police report: obtain a police report from the local police station.  The Police Report is not an Embassy requirement but may be required by local authorities and by insurance companies.  

In Buenos Aires you may contact:

Comisaría del Turista
Corrientes 436
Phone: (54-11) 4323-8900 ext 236170 or (54-11) 5050-9260

In Mendoza, you may contact:

Comisaría del Turista
Av. San Martín 1143
Tél: (54-261) 413 2135
email: policiaturistica@mendoza.gov.ar

Entry stamp: If your lost / stolen passport is replaced by the Embassy, the new passport will not bear the entry stamp into Argentina. Therefore, you will have to obtain an exit permit (habilitación de salida) at the Immigration office (Migraciones) or at certain airports (Ezeiza, Aeroparque)

Passports lost and found: Please note that as soon as you report the loss or theft of your Canadian passport to the Canadian government, it is automatically cancelled. If you find it, you will not be able to use it but will need to apply for a replacement document.

Checklist (lost/stolen passports):

  • PPTC040 (adults) or PPTC042 (children under 16)
  • PPTC203 (PDF * 34 KB)
  • PPTC132 (only if you have no guarantor - appointment required)
  • Proof of citizenship or PPTC116
  • Photos (information in Spanish only)
  • Fee
  • Travel itinerary
  • Police report