Arrest or Detention in Australia

The Canadian High Commission in Canberra and the Canadian Consulate General in Sydney cannot provide legal advice, cannot provide legal representation for Canadian citizens, and do not pay the costs of legal representation. If you require legal services, lists of legal firms and lawyers can be found in your area's yellow pages.

If You Have Been Arrested...

When you're travelling abroad, you are subject to the criminal and civil laws of the countries you visit. Your Canadian citizenship does not provide you with immunity from local laws. If you are arrested or detained abroad and you wish to have Canadian consular officials notified, you should clearly make that request to the arresting authorities. It is important to realize that the arresting authorities do not have an obligation to inform the Canadian diplomatic mission of your arrest or detention unless it is requested.

For those individuals detained or arrested, Consular officials will work to ensure equitable treatment under local laws and facilitate communication with other officials, friends, or relatives. They can also provide a list of lawyers who have expertise in a particular type of case, and who may have represented Canadians in the past. Consular officials cannot, however, make recommendations, post bail, pay for a lawyer, or pay fines incurred. More information is available from the publication A Guide for Canadians Imprisoned Abroad.