The High Commission and Consulate General can provide application forms and information for persons born outside of Canada to a Canadian parent wishing to apply for a Canadian Citizenship Certificate. The forms are also available: Obtain an application package. Please note that the requirements for photographs are specific and different from those required for passports. The photograph specifications are provided with the application forms.

Citizenship applications submitted at our offices are forwarded to the Registrar of Canadian Citizenship in Canada. Processing time is from 12 to 14 months. For information regarding current citizenship fees, please contact the Consular Section of the Canadian High Commission in Canberra or the Canadian Consulate General in Sydney.

Dual Citizenship

Canada has allowed dual citizenship since February 14, 1977. If you become an Australian citizen, you will not lose your Canadian citizenship unless you apply to renounce it.

Citizenship for persons legally adopted by Canadians residing outside of Canada

Information on this process is available at Citizenship and Immigration Canada's web site.

Marriage to a Canadian Citizen

Marriage to a Canadian citizen does not entitle a person to Canadian citizenship. If you wish to move to Canada with a non-Canadian spouse, the spouse must be sponsored by you. As in the case of all requests for information regarding Canadian visas and immigration, please contact the Immigration Section of the Department of Citizenship and Immigration website.