Passport and consular services fees

The following fees apply to passport and consular services administered in Australia:

Passport services
Adult (16 years old and over) – 5 year (or less) passport209.00190.00
Adult (16 years old and over) – 10 year passport286.00260.00
Child (Up to 15 years old) – 5 year (or less) passport110.00100.00
Temporary Passport*
*Linked to regular passport application
Emergency Passport – Adult (16 years old and over)83.0075.00
Emergency Passport – Child (Up to 15 years old)33.0030.00
Citizenship services
Proof of citizenship83.0075.00
Additional services
Notarial services
(administering an oath, receiving an affidavit or attesting any document bearing a signature)
Transfer of funds83.0075.00
Certifying a copy of a document (per page)22.0020.00
Certifying true copies of a travel document
(up to 3 copies)
Replacement of lost or stolen passport or other travel document (in addition to passport fee)50.0045.00
Retention of valid passport50.0045.00

PAY ONLINE  before you apply for the following passport services :

  • Regular adult passports (5- and 10-year validity)
  • Child passports (5-year validity)
  • The administrative fee for replacing a valid lost or stolen passport ($45)

Citizenship services

Pay your citizenship certificate (proof of citizenship) fee – Australia

Credit card payments

We accept Visa and Master Card credit card payments. In order to pay your passport application fee/s with a credit card, please complete and sign the Credit Card Authorization and submit it with your passport application. This form is mandatory in order to process your credit card payment.

Important note: Please do not use the credit card payment section of the Passport Canada application forms as this is not acceptable for credit card payments outside Canada; you must complete and sign the Credit Card Authorization.

Other payment methods

Fees may also be submitted in Australian dollars in the form of an Australia Post money order or a certified bank cheque drawn on an Australian bank, made payable to the Receiver General for Canada. Personal cheques are not accepted.

If you are making your application in person, cash is only accepted if you have the exact amount.