Midwinter Ceremony Held in Tasmania to Commemorate Canadian Twin Otter Crew

 Wreaths for the Canadian aircrew

On June 21 at the Australian Antarctic Division in Kingston, Tasmania,  a midwinter ceremony was held to commemorate the Canadian Twin Otter aircrew Bob Heath, Mike Denton and Perry Andersen, who died on a flight from the South Pole to Terra Nova Bay on 23 January 2013.

The ceremony was attended by friends and fellow expeditioners who spoke of the special bond of trust and good will that develops between people working in such an extreme environment. Bob, Mike and Perry were spoken of with deep fondness and respect for their professionalism, experience and fine company.

The men’s names were added to the commemorative rock at the Division on which plaques are affixed to honour those who have lost their lives in Antarctica. The ceremony was attended by the Acting High Commissioner David McKinnon and hosted by the Australian Antarctic Division Director Dr Tony Fleming.

 Acting Head of Mission for Canada, David McKinnon

Commemoriation rock with plaques at the Australian Antarctic Division