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How to obtain a Birth, Death or Marriage Certificate

Canadian birth, death and marriage certificates are issued by the province or territory in which the event occurred.

Contact the Vital Statistics Offices in each Canadian province or territory:

Listed below are links to the relevant department in each province or territory.

Legalizations of Canadian documents

All Canadian certificates must be legalised for Belgium and Luxembourg.

  • How to legalise Canadian certificates for use in Belgium

Canadian certificates need to be legalized in Canada before they can be used in Belgium. Canadian Civil status certificates (birth, marriage, death) can be legalized directly by the Consulate general in Montreal.

Please contact the Consulate of Belgium in Montréal for more information on how to request this service.

  • How to legalise Canadian certificates for use in Luxembourg:

Step 1: First the certificate must be authenticated by the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Global Affairs Canada
Authentication Services Section
125 Sussex Drive
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K1A 0G2


Step 2: Only then can the document be presented for legalization to the Consulate of Canada in Luxembourg. A fee applies for this service. Please visit our page Notarial Services.


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