Message from the Ambassador

I am pleased to welcome you to the Canadian Embassy web site for Burkina Faso and Benin. 

I begin my mandate in the country of women and men of “integrity” with great enthusiasm. I am discovering the importance and depth of relations between Canada and Burkina Faso and between Canada and Benin.

Here in Burkina Faso, Canada is implementing a substantial bilateral cooperation program. For example, for almost two decades we have been working to improve basic education in partnership with the Ministry of National Education, Literacy and Promotion of National Languages. This long-term commitment has paid off in light of statistical data that clearly shows that school enrollment is at its highest in Burkina Faso since independence. But this is just one facet of our cooperation program. In June 2017, Canada adopted an "International Feminist International Assistance Policy". We set to work to quickly translate this policy into concrete actions, with the help of our partners, and developed projects that support the empowerment of women and girls. 

Canada is often associated with the Burkinabè mining sector. Indeed, Canada is the largest source of private investment in Burkina, mainly in the gold mining sector. Canadian mining companies are subject to very high standards of corporate social responsibility and respect for the environment. The Canadian Embassy works with these companies, the Burkinabè government and local communities to encourage respect for these standards. And we continue, through the Trade Commissioner Service, to energize and diversify trade relations between our countries. 

Canada recognizes that Burkina Faso is going through a difficult period in terms of security and we stand in solidarity with Burkinabè in their fight against terrorism and support their efforts to put an end to this scourge that affects their entire population. 

We are also active in Benin, where our team in the field is working hard to implement cooperation projects that empower women and girls but also focus on economic growth for the benefit of all, through our support to the microfinance and agricultural sectors, as well as efforts to increase domestic tax revenue. 

All this is made possible by the shared values that characterize our countries, including respect for human rights, democracy, peace and security. I am confident that future years will see a reinforcement of our bilateral co-operation, and I am committed to the pursuit of this objective with good will and determination. 

But beyond investments and programs of cooperation, the foundation of good relations between our countries depends on individuals. Canadians in Benin and Burkina Faso and Burkinabè and Beninese in Canada provide a solid base upon which to build lasting and mutually beneficial relationships. 

One of the primary mandates of the Embassy is also to serve Canadians residing in Burkina Faso and Benin. We are always available to meet their needs. I take this opportunity to invite all residents or Canadian citizens who visit, live or work in Burkina Faso or Benin, to take a few minutes to register through the Registration of Canadians Abroad page (ROCA), or to visit the Embassy of Canada in Burkina Faso, so that we can obtain or update their contact information so that we can reach them quickly in case of emergency. It is also possible to download our Travel App for easy access to up-to-date travel information and tips. 

With its dynamic team, the Embassy of Canada contributes to the transformation, economic growth and development of both countries. It offers quality services to Canadian, Burkinabè and Beninese citizens and businesses, as well as represents Canadian interests and values abroad. 

I invite you to take the time to explore our website to learn more about our activities in Burkina Faso and Benin, as well as services offered by the Embassy of Canada. 

I look forward to working with Canadians, Beninese and Burkinabè to continue to strengthen the bonds of friendship and cooperation that bind us. 

Enjoy your visit to the site.

Carol McQueen

Ambassador Carol McQueen