The 2017-2018 Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) supported 11 projects in Chile

Protection of the Environment:

Plastic Oceans Chile organized a seminar (#RethinkPlastic) in January 2018 with the participation of the Plastic Oceans movie director, Craig Leeson, about “Challenges, visions and solutions to stop plastic pollution in Chile”. The event counted with the participation of civil society, private sector and government representatives in order to find solutions towards oceans protection. Over 30,000 people watched the seminar online, which is available on the Facebook page of Teletrece (available in Spanish only).

Ciencia Ciudadana Foundation developed a Toolkit to support the development of environmental citizen science projects. The guide will assist researchers to carry out participative research activities to protect the environment. Additionally, the guide connects communities and scientists in order to search for solutions in a collaborative way and create knowledge that can solve local problems. The toolkit can be found on the website of the Ciencia Ciudadana Foundation (available in Spanish only).

Promotion of LGBT Rights:

The Faculty of Psychology of University Diego Portales developed a protocol to provide nondiscriminatory psychological support to people from the LGBT community. The guide was designed to be used by mental health professionals and psychology students. 

The educational department of Iguales Foundation, EducaIguales, designed educational materials and gave talks at schools in order to foster “classrooms without discrimination”. More information on the Iguales Foundation website  (available in Spanish only).

Inclusion and Protecting the Rights of Immigrants:

Foundation Casa de la Paz, in collaboration with the Jesuit Migrant Service (SJM), organized a multistakeholder seminar on “Human Rights and Business: Addressing the challenges of immigrant’s inclusion in Antofagasta”. The seminar promoted dialogue among civil society, government and the private sector in order to improve the social and economic inclusion of immigrants. The study is available on the website of Foundation Casa de la Paz (available in Spanish only).

Foundation Fre  renovated their premises known as the “House for Migrants” in downtown Santiago to offer better services to immigrants. The Foundation welcomes dozens of immigrants daily and offers them legal assistance, courses and workshops to foster their socio-economic inclusion in Chilean society.

The Infomigra team, in collaboration with INCAMI (Chilean Catholic Migration Institute) and the Municipality of Recoleta, launched an App called INFOMIGRA, available on Google Play. The app is an innovative digital tool that supports the recently arrived immigrants with information related to visas, health, education, jobs, etc.

Participation of Indigenous Communities in Regional Economic Development:

Foundation Indigenous Institute organized a seminar on “Sharing experiences of consultations with Mapuche communities in the development of micro hydroelectric plants in light of ILO Convention 169”. The final document is available on the website of the Foundation Indigenous Institute  (available in Spanish only).

Transparency and the Prevention of Corruption:

Foundation Espacio Publico launched their virtual platform, the Electoral Magnifying Glass that analyzed the implementation of the new electoral law during the last general elections in Chile, adding a gender lens. The objective of the Web page was to promote transparency and accountability by monitoring political campaign financing during the 2017 presidential and parliamentary elections in Chile, and empowering citizens by providing them with relevant, valuable and transparent information in that regard.

Gender Equality:

The Department of Social Work of the Alberto Hurtado University developed a guide on budget management and debts for women. The Guide provides useful information including a list of resources and institutions to which they can turn if they are facing economic debts. More information on the Facebook page of the project ‘Deudas y Pagos’ (available in Spanish only).

Foundation Chile 21 organized a series of policy and social workshops for women community leaders. The workshops were an opportunity to promote their leadership skills and develop initiatives and ideas to increase inclusiveness in Chile.