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Canadian Criminal Record Checks

Canadian citizens in China are sometimes requested to provide a Canadian criminal record check, in support of a visa application, for example.  The three types of Canadian criminal record check are outlined below.  Criminal record checks cannot be obtained from the Canadian Embassy or Consulates General in China, but they can usually be obtained without leaving China, with the assistance of a third party agency or appointed representative in Canada.  Canadians in China are advised to clarify which type of check they require before proceeding further.

Certified Criminal Record Check 

One is a Certified Criminal Record Check, which must be obtained through the RCMP on the basis of fingerprints.  Please note the suggestion on the RCMP page to search International Fingerprinting Services on the internet, as there are now third party agencies in Canada who will digitize ink fingerprints and submit them electronically to the RCMP, which significantly reduces processing times where there is no match to an RCMP fingerprint holding.

Please note that Canadian missions in China do not have fingerprinting services, but we are aware of a limited number of  local service providers in mainland China.

Criminal Record Check (not “certified”)

Another type is a Criminal Record Check (not "certified"), which may be obtained through local police services in Canada or third party agencies in Canada on the basis of a name and date of birth search of the Canadian Police Information Centre database.  Fingerprints are only required if there is a possible match with a name and date of birth in the database.  For more information, Canadians are advised to contact the local police service of their last residence in Canada, or search for third party agencies in Canada on the internet.

Vulnerable Sector Check

Finally, there is a Vulnerable Sector Check, which is sometimes required to work or volunteer with vulnerable members of society such as children, the elderly or persons with disabilities, in Canada.


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