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Legal Services

Our offices in mainland China do not provide legal services.  Consular officials cannot offer advice on legal issues or represent persons before the courts, nor do they post bail, pay lawyers’ fees or pay fines.

For your convenience, we will make available lists of local lawyers. They are not exhaustive and should not be construed as an endorsement or a recommendation of any of the included lawyers or law firms.

Notarial Services

Notarial services must be delivered in person and cannot be done by fax or mail. Notarial clients must appear before a Consular Officer at the relevant Embassy or Consulate with proof of identity such as a passport or a citizenship certificate.

Notarial services such as administering oaths and affirmations, certify true copies of some documents that meet strict requirements, and witnessing of signatures may be provided by the consular section to Canadian citizens.

Our offices in mainland China provide only those notary services for which no local service providers exist, and only to Canadian citizens seeking notarization of documents for their submission to local authorities.

ONLY the following services will be provided:

  • Obtaining a Statutory Declaration of Marriage Eligibility (REQUIRED: Canadian Passport, and in cases of previous marriage, original or certified true copy of divorce certificate/final judgment of divorce or of the former spouse’s death certificate. English translations of Chinese documents must be provided)
  • Facilitation letter to confirm Canadian passport history (REQUIRED: Current valid Canadian Passport and previous Canadian Passport or a clear copy of it);
  • Affirmations and Declarations, where the document is to be submitted to Chinese local authorities (REQUIRED: Valid Canadian ID with photo and signature); and
  • Certified true copies of eligible original Canadian documents in English or French, to be submitted to Chinese local authorities. (REQUIRED: Original of the Canadian document)

Canadian citizens should contact local service providers for any other notarial service requests.

Canadian lawyers or notaries working in mainland China can provide the following services:

  • Witnessing a signature; and
  • Notary services for documents which are not to be submitted to Chinese local authorities, including:
    • Affirmations and Declarations;
    • Certified true copies.

Local Notary Public Offices may be able to provide the following services (note that the documents will generally need to be translated into Chinese first). It is recommended that the notary office first be contacted to confirm availability of each service:

  • Witnessing a signature;
  • Certified true copies;
  • notarization of Chinese ID and other Chinese-issued documents;
  • Validation of content of Chinese-issued documents;
  • translation and;
  • Non-criminal record in China.

For lists of local lawyers or Notaries, ask  the following questions: “Which lawyers can I contact abroad?” or “How do I get Notarial and document service abroad?”, then select “China”.

Please note that Canadian citizens have the responsibility to ensure that the services provided would be acceptable to the individual/organization to which the notarized document is to be sent.

Authentication of Canadian documents

Chinese authorities will sometimes require that documents be authenticated before they will accept them. To learn how to authenticate Canadian documents so that they may be accepted in China, consult Global Affairs Canada’s Authentication of Documents section. Documents should be authenticated in Canada before your departure.  While in China you can send your documents to the mail-in service.


For information regarding the fees and method of payment please see: fees

All questions related to notary services can also be submitted to the Consular Section of the Canadian office responsible for the province where you reside in China.   


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