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Getting Married in China

Canadian citizens who wish to marry in China are required by the Chinese authorities to obtain and sign a declaration in front of a consular officer. This is a statutory declaration indicating that an individual is single and eligible to marry. The declaration is a legal document which must be attested in person and cannot be done by fax or mail. It can be obtained at the Embassy or at any Canadian consular office in China. You should obtain your declaration from the office which has jurisdiction over the city where you plan to be married.

The only documents we need to see are a Canadian passport, and in cases involving a previous marriage, a divorce decree or death certificate of previous spouse. A fee is charged for this service.

Canadian citizens wishing to marry in China should note that Marriage Registration Offices have their own procedures and documentary requirements and that these requirements may vary between offices. Canadian citizens wishing to marry in China should contact the relevant Marriage Registration Office in advance for details.  

Please note that as of March 29, 2019, the Chinese civil authorities will no longer perform marriages between two foreigners. At least one person must be a citizen of the P.R.C., or hold Hong Kong, Taiwan, or Macau ID.

Canadian citizens in Canada are recommended to contact the Embassy of China in Canada for information on marriage with a Chinese citizen before coming to China.

For any enquiries, please contact a Canadian consular office in China.



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