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Medical Matters

For information on Medical Matters, please visit website. 


Your Canadian medical insurance will not cover you during your stay in China.  The costs of western-level medical care are much higher than in Canada and the hospitals will request a deposit or guarantee of payment before serving you and will not release you until the bill has been fully settled. We strongly recommend that you purchase medical travel insurance before your departure from Canada that will cover the cost of air ambulance with escort.  Except for the major centers, hospitals are generally not equipped to cope with serious emergencies.

A list of hospitals in Beijing and areas covered by our Embassy and by our Consulates can be provided upon request.

If you are returning to Canada following an extended period of absence abroad, you may not be covered by provincial health insurance immediately on your return to Canada.  Private medical insurance should be obtained to cover the interim period. Any other queries regarding medical coverage should be addressed to the relevant provincial or territorial health authority.


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