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Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) - China - 2015-2016

The Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (Canada Fund) provides small grants to support improved governance and civil society capacity building in China, in partnership with Chinese community groups, local institutions and non-governmental organizations.

The objective of the Canada Fund is to support small projects proposed and implemented by local organizations in China, such as local community groups or non-government organizations, local government institutions, and international or regional organizations working on local development activities in China.

Since its establishment in China in 1985, the Canada Fund has supported well over 1,000 small-scale projects, predominantly in poor areas of rural western China. In 2015-2016 the Canada Fund will consider projects addressing improved governance, civil society development and rights protection for vulnerable groups from all regions of China, on a case by case basis.

The Canada Fund in China supports projects with an emphasis on improved governance and civil society capacity building in the following areas:

I. Preventing sexual and gender based violence; 

II. Protecting the rights of vulnerable groups, including people affected by social discrimination based on sexual orientation or other factors;

III. Supporting the participation of women, minority groups, communities and non-government organizations in development of public policy and decision-making;

IV. Entrenching the rule of law, including support for justice sector reform and access to legal aid for vulnerable groups;

V.  Strengthening economic governance, including building free markets and an effective enabling environment for business; and

VI. Preventing child, early and forced marriage (CEFM).

All projects should address considerations of gender equality, environmental protection, sustainability and participation of beneficiaries.

The Canada Fund provides one-time financial support for small-scale, short-term projects that address local needs and contribute to long-term development goals. The Canada Fund does not design or implement projects, but responds to requests that come directly from local communities. 

Project proposals that meet the Canada Fund’s 2015-16 programming priorities and cross-cutting themes can be submitted to the Canada Fund coordinator for consideration. Project proposals should outline a proposed series of activities aimed at achieving certain objectives within a specific budget, and should include information on the beneficiaries as well as the applicant organization. Please note that all project activities for proposals submitted in 2015-2016 should be completed by February 26, 2016.  Applicants are advised to propose budgets in the range of 120,000RMB. The maximum amount for the Canadian contribution is 300,000RMB and the minimum amount is 65,000RMB.  Proposals will be accepted until 5pm on August 15th, 2015.

For further information on how to apply to the Canada Fund, please contact:





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