Press Freedom

Canada strongly believes that freedom of expression is the core of human individuality and is one of the essential foundations of a safe and prosperous society.

The right of everyone to hold opinions, without interference, as well as the right to freedom of expression was enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and reaffirmed in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Our offices abroad are actively working to advance Press Freedom - a key priority for Canada.

Press Freedom

Women in the media: Agents of peace in Georgia

The Embassy of Canada to Turkey is working with journalists and local organizations to foster peace in Georgia.
[Georgia, April 2019]

Fighting Fake News in Singapore and around the world

Academics, government representatives, journalists, and the private sector from across Asia, Europe, and Canada came together to discuss the challenges of fake news and potential solutions.
[Singapore, June 2017]

Canada supports journalists and freedom of expression in Ecuador and Honduras

The threat is real: 63 journalists and communicators were killed in Honduras between 2001 and 2015. Fear of punishments has contributed to self-censorship and eroded the quality of journalism in Ecuador and Honduras. Training, professionalization and public support by the international community are needed.
[Honduras, Ecuador, May 2017]

Training journalism students to promote a public culture of respect through data visualization

Since 2011, Lebanon has been facing major challenges ranging mainly from the important influx of Syrian refugees in the country, the political vacuum that has lasted more than two years as well as the garbage crisis, which made the citizens take to the streets.
[Labanon, May 2017]

Canada protecting freedom of the press and “bringing ASEAN to the people”

Not only are journalists fighting for their right to report freely in Southeast Asia, they are also struggling to write powerful stories.
[Southest Asia, March 2017]

Canada in Algeria: Cartoonists discuss freedom of expression

During a time when Constitutional reform was in popular debate in Algeria, the Embassy of Canada to Algeria presented a timely exhibit to promote freedom of expression.
[Algeria, February 2016]

Canada in the Democratic Republic of Congo: Protecting journalists

Canada helps prevent violence against journalists by providing training on responsible journalism to journalists who report on political processes in the DRC.
[The Democratic Republic of Congo, December 2015]

Canada in India: Reporting By and On Women

There is an underrepresentation of women working in journalism worldwide. Canada organizes media workshops which discuss the role of women in media in the current global environment.
[India, November 2015]

Canada in Maghreb: Training Journalists #Canada4Rights

Freedom of information and an active, diverse and independent media are key for a democratic society. Training local journalists about on how to investigate and report on human rights issues helps.
[Maghreb, June 2015]

Canada in Senegal: Journalists Give Voice to the Voiceless

It is estimated that every year, 15 million girls under the age of 18 are forced into child marriage. The training has helped these journalists recognize the importance of reporting on child marriage.
[Senegal, June 2015]

Canada in Algeria: Writing for Rights, Empowering Journalists

Reporting on human rights issues is critical for facilitating dialogue and initiating change. Canada provided expertise and tools to a dozen young Algerian journalists to strengthen their reporting capacity.
[Algeria, April 2015]

Canada in India: closing the gender gap

Canada supported the Laadli Media and Advertising Awards for Gender Sensitivity to encourage positive images of women and girls in India
[India, March 2015]

Canada in Kuwait: Journalists for Human Rights Workshops

The Canadian Embassy in Kuwait hosted two journalism training seminars on human rights, welcoming Mr. Danny Glenwright, a senior trainer from Journalists for Human Rights.
[Kuwait, December 2014]

Canada in Kuwait: Human rights through storytelling

Canada invited a trainer from Journalists for Human Rights, one of Canada’s leading international media development organizations, to share knowledge with Kuwaiti activists and reporters from local Arab and English newspapers.
[Kuwait, April 2014]

Canada in Ghana: Data Journalism and Visual Storytelling

One of the challenges of modern journalism is learning how to communicate about data and how to share the stories that live inside the numbers. Canada’s training journalists to navigate public and private data sources, to understand and interpret the numbers, and how to find a news story within the information
[Ghana, March 2014]

Canada in Ghana: Broadcasting the fight against Early Forced Marriage

The High Commission of Canada in Ghana supported a media forum that broadcasted a conversation on the radio airways in an attempt to educate the public about Early Forced Marriages, and their negative impacts on women and children.
[Ghana, August 2013]

Canada in Egypt: Objective and ethical reporting

Journalists for Human Rights offers two-art training series exploring topics such as citizen and professional journalism, human rights issues, and promoting social change.
[Egypt, April 2013]