Men and boys take steps toward gender equality in Vietnam

Eliminating gender stereotypes is a global conversation.

In Vietnam, men are generally considered the breadwinners while women are often associated with housework and child rearing. For instance, in Viet Nam, women earn 20% less than men.  These views have significant influence on a woman’s development, preventing her from pursuing her dreams and desired careers.

The time is now to take steps toward gender equality.  The Embassy of Canada to Vietnam partnered with the UN Women, the Gender-based Violence Prevention Network in Vietnam and other diplomatic missions to call on men and boys to help eliminate social barriers, promote gender equality, and empower women.

Eliminating gender inequalities

Men danced with pride in high heels in a flash mob to demonstrate their support for the “#HeforShe” campaign. The campaign is aimed to inspire men to take a stand for gender equality. Now considered a movement in Vietnam, the campaign has made a huge impact and caught the attention of many people including a famous singer and songwriter in Vietnam Hoang Bach. Hoang has written the official song for #HeForShe campaign.

A contest was held in addition to the campaign. The contest, ‘for the men who care and share’, was held to further demonstrate the positive role that men can take to help breakdown gender stereotypes.

In turn, this helped highlight systemic barriers understood to hinder women’s full potential. As well, the contest served to inspire men and boys to continue supporting women’s empowerment and to encourage them in activities conventionally perceived as ‘women’s work’.

Canada promotes the empowerment of women and girls and the equal participation of women as decision-makers and agents of change in economic, social and political processes. The focus is on achieving equitable and sustainable progress, improving women's status, and respecting women’s rights and contributions. 

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