Public Call for Submissions regarding Canada’s Annual Report on Human Rights and Free Trade between Canada and the Republic of Colombia

The Government of Canada is seeking the input of interested parties pursuant to the provisions of the Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act (Implementation Act), which entered into force on August 15, 2011.

The Implementation Act includes the Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement, the Canada-Colombia Agreement on Labour Cooperation and the Canada-Colombia Environment Agreement.

The Implementation Act requires the Minister for International Trade to "...cause to be laid before each House of Parliament by May 15 of each year or, if that House is not then sitting, on any of the 30 days next thereafter that it is sitting, a report on the operation of this Act during the previous calendar year, containing a general summary of all actions taken under the authority of this Act, and an analysis of the impact of these actions on human rights in Canada and the Republic of Colombia."   

As a follow up to broad consultations undertaken with a range of domestic stakeholders in 2019, Global Affairs Canada reviewed the Report’s format, content and methodology. During the next three years, the Annual Report will be progressively streamlined and some technical data and annexes will be removed in order to focus more on Canada’s support to human rights, responsible business conduct and an inclusive approach to trade. The proposed changes are also meant to reflect the near completion of the tariff elimination schedule – with the exception of refined sugar, which will be liberalised by January 1st, 2025 –, as well as new government priorities, including our Voices at risk: Canada’s Guidelines on Supporting Human Rights Defenders.

Interested parties are invited to provide written submissions to help inform the analysis of the impact of the actions taken under the Implementation Act being developed for the Government of Canada’s 2021 annual report. The 2021 annual report will cover the period from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020. 

For reasons of confidentiality and security, the submissions and names of contributors to this consultation process will not be released to the public by the Government of Canada.

Contributions can be sent by e-mail, facsimile or mail to:

Consultations - Agreement concerning Annual Reports on Human Rights and Free Trade between Canada and the Republic of Colombia
South America Relations (NLA)
Global Affairs Canada
125 Sussex Drive, Ottawa ON K1A 0G2
Fax: 613‑996‑3406

Submissions should be e-mailed, faxed, or postmarked no later than April 1, 2021.