PATH TO PEACE: Canada’s Peace, Security and Development work in Colombia

PATH TO PEACE: Canada’s Peace, Security and Development work in Colombia

The prospect of peace which Colombians so richly deserve after over six decades of internal armed conflict, is closer than ever. The Government of Colombia, our partners, and indeed all Colombians can count on Canada’s support for their efforts to build and implement long lasting peace and prosperity.

By the Numbers: Canada’s Support for Peace Implementation in Colombia

$78.4 million total in international assistance announced in 2016 to support peace in Colombia

$57.4 million in development assistance programming, including:

million (over 3 years) for the UN Multi-Partner Trust Fund for Post-Conflict
million (over 5 years) to support children and youth affected by the conflict
million (over 3 years) to protect children’s education in South-West Colombia
million (over 5 years) for Landmine Action
million (over 4 years) to support rural communities affected by the conflict

$21 million from Canada’s Peace and Stabilization Operations Program, including:

million (over 1 year) for Integral Mine Action
million (over 1.5 years) to promote and protect human rights
million (over 3 years) to support Colombia’s Rapid Response Strategy
million (over 1 year) towards the OAS Mission to support the peace process

Rural economic development

Canada is supporting projects to help ensure Colombian citizens can earn a decent living and contribute to their local economy.


Canada is supporting projects in Colombia to assist with the transition to a post-conflict environment.


Canada’s programs are working to reduce crime, strengthen citizen security and eliminate landmines in Colombia.