Canada - Republic of Congo Relations

Diplomatic Relations

Canada and the Republic of Congo established diplomatic relations in 1962, soon after the country gained its independence in 1960.

Canada in Republic of Congo

In the Republic of Congo, Canada is represented by the Embassy of Canada in Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Republic of Congo in Canada

The Republic of Congo appointed a resident ambassador to Canada in 2018, which represents the country in Canada. Previously, the Embassy of the Republic of Congo in Washington, D.C., United States, assumed this responsibility. The Republic of Congo also has an Honorary Consulate in Toronto.

Common Memberships

Trade and Investments

Trade Relations

In 2018, bilateral trade between Canada and the Republic of Congo amounted to $18.2 M, composed of $16.5 M in exports and $1.7 M in imports to Canada. Canada's main exports to the Republic of Congo are machinery, scientific and precision instruments as well as vehicles and parts. Copper products, timber, coffee, tea and spices, and precious stones and metals account for the bulk of imports from the Republic of Congo. 

Canadian direct investments in the Republic of Congo amounted to $12 M in 2018.

Republic of Congo’s Students in Canada

In 2018, 245 Congolese students had a valid permit to study in Canada.

Development and Humanitarian Assistance

In 2017-2018, total Canadian aid disbursements from all sources reached $2.82 M. See Project Browser for additional information on programming in the Republic of Congo.

Canada provides scholarships to the Republic of Congo through the Canadian Francophonie Grants Program.

Other Relevant Information

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