Protecting Human Rights by Training Congolese Journalists

Participants celebrate their achievements

Fifteen journalists from across the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are freshly equipped to fight against human rights violations, thanks to a two-day workshop organized by the Embassy of Canada, the Gmedia Center and Journaliste en Danger.

The course was a continuation of training conducted in parallel with the 19th Universal Periodic Review (UPR), in which five Congolese journalists traveled to Switzerland to participate in the unique process of reviewing the human rights records of all 192 member states of the United Nations.

The UPR is conducted every four years, and aims to improve human rights worldwide as well as to denounce violations.

Participants focus during the training session

The objective of the DRC workshop was not only to increase reporters’ knowledge of the UPR and its procedures, but also to provide journalists with the tools to contribute to the protection of human rights.

Discussions during the training covered recommendations made ​​by different countries for the DRC to pursue over the course of the next four years, and how journalists play a role in ensuring accountability and progress.

Experts from international institutions and human rights NGOs based in the DRC also led discussions with the contribution of the five DRC journalists who participated in the UPR training in Geneva.

At the end of the two-day workshop, participants agreed to establish a chain of solidarity and to fight against human rights violations together. Canada’s funding and support for this workshop will help journalists in the DRC pursue a fairer, more open and more democratic society, just as Canada has helped journalists in Kuwait and Ghana.