Notice to All Canadians in Granada and San Juan Del Sur (Nicaragua)

Dear Canadian Community:

Michael Gort, Canadian Ambassador to Nicaragua, Honduras and Costa Rica will be in your respective cities on the below dates. He will be accompanied by Elena Senin-Cabanne, Consul for Nicaragua, Honduras and Costa Rica and Juan Gazol, Consular Officer for Nicaragua. Ambassador Gort wishes to cordially invite you to a Consular Outreach meet and greet where you will have a chance to talk about your experiences in Nicaragua, ask questions, share your thoughts and meet the Ambassador and the Consular team.

  • For Granada, the event is on Tuesday, Feb. 21st to take place at the “La Gran Francia” Hotel and Restaurant, on the second floor (El Balcón), from 02:15PM till 3:45 PM.  Hotel is located at the South-East corner of the Central Park. More info:
  • For San Juan del Sur, the event will take place on Wednesday, Feb. 22nd at “The Beach House” restaurant, located right on the beach, South of El Timón. From 10:00AM till 11:45 AM.  More info:

**Please be aware, you are responsible to pay for your own consumption.