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Canada-Czech Republic Relations

Bilateral relations

Canada and the Czech Republic have longstanding and close ties. Canada sheltered Czechoslovak political refugees in 1948 and 1968, and offered steadfast support for dissidents throughout their Communist period. Since 1989, personal and family ties between the two countries have been renewed and strengthened.  There are now more than 100,000 Canadians of full or partial Czech descent. Canada is represented in the Czech Republic by the Embassy of Canada in Prague. The Czech Republic is represented in Canada by an Embassy in Ottawa.


Canadian exports to the Czech Republic in 2018 totaled $277.6 million, largely made up of aircraft and parts, machinery, electronics and electrical machinery and equipment. In the same year, Canadian imports from the Czech Republic totaled $772.7 million, and consisted principally of machinery (e.g. turbines, road rollers, backhoes, and electric tools), electronics and electrical machinery and equipment, iron and steel products (mostly train rails)..

Canadian companies active in the Czech Republic include Magna International and KSR (auto parts), Bombardier Transportation (light rail), Bell Helicopter (parts and maintenance-repair-overhaul), OMERS (gas transit), Macco Organiques Inc. (chemicals), Molson Coors (beverages), OpenText, CGI and Adastra (ICT), Fairfax (Insurance), and Apotex (pharmaceuticals).

Multilateral partnerships

Trade and investment agreements

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