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Visas and Immigration

Canada lifts visa on Czech Republic
Effective November 14, 2013, citizens of the Czech Republic no longer require a temporary resident visa (visitor visa) to come to Canada
.  If you already submitted an application it will be withdrawn, your passport returned to you and your visa fee will be refunded. There is no need to contact the visa office on the status of your application.  Study permit and work permit applications continue to be processed.
Important Announcement
With the lifting of the visa on citizens of the Czech Republic the visa application centre (VAC) in Prague is closed effectively immediately.  Applications received through the VAC will continue to be processed – there is no need to contact the visa office. Any passports that must be returned will be returned to you by the visa office.

Please note that the Visa Section of the Embassy of Canada to the Czech Republic, Prague is now closed.

If you are a citizen of the Czech Republic, or if you are legally residing in the Czech Republic, visit the official website of Visa Section of the Embassy of Canada to Austria in Vienna for information about visa and immigration services and to download application forms.

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