Exploring alternative ways to resolve conflict – Canada supports the LGBT Community in Dominican Republic

A safe space for open dialogue on conflict resolution.

Working together to formulate an advocacy strategy.

Participants learn alternative approaches to conflict resolution.

Workshop participants look forward to further collaboration.

The LGBT community is currently one of the most marginalized and discriminated population segments of Dominican society.  In order to change attitudes and work towards inclusiveness in Dominican Republic, LGBT groups need to understand alternative means of conflict resolution and how to influence public policy.

The Canadian Embassy to the Dominican Republic was proud to sponsor a workshop on conflict resolution to support the LGBT community in Dominican Republic. The workshop, led by conflict resolution specialist Adriana Salcedo, allowed participants to gain a better understanding of public deliberation techniques and how processes of social change occur.

Collaborating, and learning about deliberation techniques

12 representatives of the LGBT community participated in the workshop in order to boost collaborative processes between these organizations, increase the visibility of their agendas and influence public policy and decision-making related to their concerns.

The workshop provided a safe space for dialogue among the participants, promoting the sharing of ideas and experiences that could be replicated later in other spaces.

By the end of the workshop, the participants gained the ability to identify components that are present in social conflicts such as stakeholders, relationships, interests, positions, and needs.

In the participants’ own words, the workshop helps them validate their own work by being able to convey messages in a non-confrontational manner.

Since this is the first time that members of the Dominican Republic LGTB community had been exposed to alternative means of conflict resolution, they committed to pass on their newly acquired knowledge to other stakeholders.

Canada looks forward to facilitating more events that promotes human rights and equality.