Canada sponsors women programs at the Dominican Republic - Haiti border

Gender Violence Forum.

Ambassador Georges Boissé talking to the members of the association of women.

December 12, 2013, Comendador, Elias Piña: The Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives launched the project  “Preventing and Detecting  Violence Against Women in Elias Piña” with the support of Medicos del Mundo Argentina as the partner entity which organized the project’s  first public Forum of Collective Health  in the municipality of Comendador, located at the border of Dominican Republic and Haiti.  The main objective of the event was to build public opinion through a first exchange of ideas with sector stakeholders of civic society and local government regarding the growing problem of health and various types of violence against local and migrant women. 

At the event, 60 people were present representing the following organizations: Dominican Red Cross, Dominican Medical Association, Border Network, Colectiva Mujer y Salud, CONAMUCA (Federation of Peasant Women), FIDES, CESFRONT (Border Patrol), Local Municipality, Provincial Hospital, Province Public Health Division, Women’s Issues Local Office, Ministry of Education and the National Guard Division.

Canada was represented by the local Head of Mission Mr. Georges Boissé, who exchanged relevant topics with various members of the local women network, the Federation of countryside women, Public Health Province Director and health education staff of Medicos del Mundo.

The project is slated to continue through implementing an integral campaign which includes using the local women network to distribute educational material to local recipient population regarding types of violence, detection and preventive measures. Another important deliverable is the generation of an information system to assess the current local situation.