Launching of the project of the Mining Tool Kit      

Audience present during the launching.

Ambassador Georges Boissé during the Mining Tool Kit Launching.

During the  Dominican Geological Congress - sponsored by the Dominican Society of Geology (SODOGEO), the Canadian Embassy in the Dominican Republic introduced the project "The Mining Tool Kit in Dominican Republic," a guide designed to promote awareness of the mining cycle among citizens and in particular, in the communities near the mining operations.

The kit will contain an informative manual, brochures and a user guide to didactically explain the different stages of the medium and large scale mining.

The purpose of this material is to encourage an active and informed participation of local people in the various stages of development of a mining project

This Mining tool kit originated in 2006 as part of an initiative of Natural Resources Canada for the purpose that this educational tool contributed to a better understanding of the process of the mining industry by the members of the communities associated with the extractive activity.

Countries like Peru, Guatemala, and Chile have already adapted this manual to their reality, seeking to create an opportunity for local communities and government authorities that regulate the extractive sector to be involved and participate in this process

This tool also promotes the dialogue between communities, industry and the state as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility policy, adopted by many Canadian companies.

The Canadian Ambassador to the Dominican Republic, Georges Boissé stated that with this project, Canada recognizes the importance of developing productive working relationships with the communities involved in the mining process. For Canada, this project exemplifies transparency and social responsibility, which are values ??promoted by the country, starting with mutual respect, trust and dialogue

This information tool will be especially adapted to the Dominican context and aims at promoting opportunities for dialogue between communities, the mining industry and the state.

Government officials, diplomats, businessmen, individuals involved in the extractive industry, mining students from ITECO, among others, were present at this activity. All supported this initiative and stated this to be relevant and necessary within the current national context.

The promotion of corporate social responsibility is an essential element of the Canadian global brand; therefore, the launching of this training tool will support and promote the exercise of corporate social responsibility at the national level, thus reinforcing the commitment of the Government of Canada to the Dominican Republic in the responsible and sustainable development of the extractive industries.