Canada Supports Campaign against Sexual Exploitation of Children in Puerto Plata

Ambassador Georges Boissé with the students in the classroom

Ambassador Georges Boissé during break time

Montellano and Los Tamarindos, Puerto Plata: The Canadian Funds for Local Initiatives (CFLI) partner agency “Movimiento para el Auto Desarrollo Internacional de la Solidaridad” (MAIS ECPAT) organized a school meeting and street rally as a programmed activity aimed at promoting rights of children to live in an environment free of sexual violence in Puerto Plata. Canadian Ambassador, Mr. Georges Boissé and the Puerto Plata Honorary Consul Tim Hall, attended the event in support of the school children manifesting their testimonies related to their rights, difficulties faced and their need for protection.

The main support was provided by the school children, who demonstrated their capacity to articulate the subject matter taught by the various project facilitators and their painstaking commitment through their family visits in the neighborhood of Los Tamarindos.  The youth were split in 5 groups to visit the families who live in the area.

Canadian Ambassador conducted an exchange with primary school teachers regarding their experience with the project and the work being done. The Ambassador also held an exchange with the Executive Director of the North Coast Association of Hotels and Tourism Enterprises (ASHONORTE) Ms. Ambra Attus who is also supporting the activities being organized.

At the event, 46 youth visited nearly 138 homes to talk about the proposed intervention and their rights. It is estimated that they were able to reach out to nearly 748 persons living in homes visited. The CFLI intervention has garnished support and attention from other pundit organizations in the topic thus paving the way for possible collaboration.