Message from the Ambassador

People are at the heart of Canada’s strong and growing relationship with the Dominican Republic. We cultivate our bilateral ties through a greater understanding and appreciation of one another, our distinct languages and our diverse cultures. The connections we build across our communities, between our businesses and civil society organizations, and within regional and multilateral institutions are driven by mutual respect and shared interests.

As travellers, Canadians have found in the Dominican Republic a place where we feel inspired, relaxed and welcome. As business leaders, we seek open and predictable markets that complement our commercial strengths, including those in clean technology, environmental stewardship in resource development, and high-quality agri-food and manufacturing products.‎ As regional neighbours, we want to work together to reduce poverty, prepare for and respond to natural disasters, and contribute to global security through key international bodies such as the United Nations.

Yet, before we discuss policy, trade and our ambitions for our shared region, we first appreciate each other through our music, cuisine and sports. Our people share many values and aspirations, including the quest for inclusive economic growth, excellence in education, opportunities for our young people, and equality across our societies and in our places of work.

It is my great honour to be part of this growing community. As Canada’s Ambassador to the Dominican Republic, I am focused on the ways in which our similarities can be matched to further our mutual interests and our diversity can strengthen our commercial ventures. I am one of thousands of Canadians resident in the Dominican Republic, where we welcome visits from over 800,000 fellow citizens each year.
As you explore your own aspect of our diverse bilateral relationship, I look forward to engaging with you to make our countries and our partnerships stronger and increasingly fruitful.

Shauna Hemingway
Canadian Ambassador to the Dominican Republic


Shauna Hemingway (BA Hons Economics and History, University of Toronto, 1999) joined the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade in 2002. At Headquarters, she has worked as a Trade Policy Negotiator responsible for investment treaty and free trade agreement negotiations with partners in Asia. She also served as Trade Commissioner responsible for Mexico. Most recently, Ms. Hemingway held the position of Deputy Director of the G7/G20 Summits Division. Overseas, she has served as Political Secretary accredited to North and South Korea, and Economic Counsellor at Canada’s Embassy in Mexico City. Before joining the Foreign Service, she worked as a journalist in Canada and communications manager in England.