Ecuadorian parliamentarians create a working group to fight corruption

Quito, Octobre 21, 2014

The Embassy of Canada informs that on this Wednesday October 22 at 8:00 it will organize, in collaboration with the Observatorio Legislativo, the official launch of the National Chapter of GOPAC Ecuador. The event will take place in the Auditorium of the Eurocenter Building in Quito.

GOPAC is the Global Organization of Parliamentarians against Corruption, a non-profit and non-partisan organization founded in 2002 in Ottawa by parliamentarians from everywhere around the world dedicated to the fight against corruption.

GOPAC has the particularity of being the only international network of parliamentarians that work exclusively on the fight against corruption. It works successfully in many countries, providing trainings and support to parliamentarians that wish to join efforts to legislate against corruption, an evil that exist in every country that captures lots of resources that could be used to finance public works and other services benefitting citizens.

GOPAC includes International Working Groups against money laundering, on the UN Convention against Corruption, on parliamentary supervision, on the participation of society and on ethics and parliamentary practices.

The International Working Groups are made up of the regional chapters, which in turn are made up of the national chapters. The regional chapter for Latin America and the Caribbean is made up of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, El Salvador, Mexico and Peru. As of October 22, 2014, Ecuador will join that group.

The Ecuadorian National Chapter is created following the commitment of Ecuadorian parliamentarians from different political parties but with one common objective: promote and approve laws that fight corruption.

It is the first time in GOPAC’s history that a civil society organization like the Observatorio Legislativo promotes and supports the creation of a chapter in a given country, which demonstrates that civil society and State powers can work together for the benefit of all citizens.

The Embassy of Canada is very proud of supporting this parliamentary initiative.

For more information, please contact the Embassy of Canada at 245-5499, extension 3653302.