Message from the Ambassador

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the website of the Embassy of Canada in Ecuador, a profoundly beautiful country where I have the honour of representing Canada.

Canada and Ecuador are two countries in the Americas that share the same values of inclusive democracy, respect for human rights, and diversity in all of its forms, as well as responsible and sustainable economic, social, and cultural development. Our two countries have histories enriched by our diverse indigenous peoples, cultures, and languages, and immigrants from all over the world – each one with their unique background.

Therefore, our bilateral and regional collaboration is focused on reinforcing democratic institutions, the rule of law, anticorruption efforts, corporate social responsibility, gender equality and equal opportunities for all, as well as education and innovation. Canada is a natural partner to help Ecuador in diversifying its economy and boosting the quality of life of its people.

These different collaborative efforts are possible thanks to the committed and professional team that works tirelessly in the Embassy of Canada in Ecuador to strengthen the bonds that benefit both nations.

We are pleased to invite you to visit our webpage and follow us on our social networks to learn more about opportunities in Canada, including pursuing your studies in Canadian universities and colleges.

To the Canadian community in Ecuador, please consider registering with the Embassy of Canada and following us on our social networks. On our webpage, you will also find links to the different services and information provided by the mission, including consular assistance to Canadian citizens in Ecuador and assistance to Canadian companies interested in the Ecuadorian market.

Sylvie Bédard

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