Authentication of documents to be used in Ethiopia – new requirements

The Ethiopian Government informed all Foreign Missions in Ethiopia that it will no longer accept any documents issued by foreign governments unless authenticated first by the legalization (authentication) office in their country of origin.

This includes documents issued or seen by embassies in the form of affidavit, true copy or translated documents. Examples of these documents would be:   

  • Statement in lieu of certificate of non-impediment to marriage abroad (marriage facilitation letter)
  • Driver’s licence (required to apply for a driver’s licence in Ethiopia)
  • Consular declaration (Power of attorney)
  • Authentication of any document issued in Canada
  • Certified true copies

Canadian citizens travelling to Ethiopia should be aware of these changes.  Any document to be used in Ethiopia must be authenticated by the Authentication office at Global Affairs Canada in Ottawa prior to their arrival in Ethiopia. Once verified by the authentication office in Canada, documents must be further authenticated by the Embassy of Ethiopia in Ottawa or the Embassy of Canada to Ethiopia.