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Canada-EU Relations: an Overview

The European Union is a strategic partner for Canada and the two share many common values. Their relationship is the EU's oldest formal relationship with any industrialised country, officially dating back to 1959 when the two signed the Agreement for Cooperation in the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy (PDF, 922KB). In 1976 the Framework Agreement for Commercial and Economic Cooperation was signed. Since then, the already close relations between the two parties have been significantly strengthened with agreements including:

  • The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), which was signed in October 2016 and entered into force in September 2017, is creating new commercial opportunities for Canadian and EU businesses, and forging closer links between our economies.

A number of other sectoral agreements have also been concluded over the years - in areas such as education, customs, competition, veterinary issues, science, technology and nuclear matters.

Today, the EU represents Canada's second largest trade and investment partner and a natural ally on many foreign and security issues.

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